Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Man of Steel one sheet

Hello my legions of devoted readers. I just wanted to post this cool new one sheet from this summer's upcoming "Man of Steel" movie. Similar to the teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises which showed Bane walking away from a broken bat cowl as raindrops pelt the ground, this image appears to be similarly trying to illicit a strong emotional response by showing Superman, the ultimate good guy and symbol of truth justice, and the American way, shackled in handcuffs and being led away by an escort of military detail like an enemy of the state. Director Zack Snyder and Co. claim that this re-imagining of Superman has one foot grounded firmly in reality and I think this image definately conveys the strong sense of fear, distrust, and suspicion we would initially respond with toward someone who could fly, melt someone into the ground with just a look, and bend steel with less effort than you or I could bend a flimsy metal clothes hanger.
Rather than illustrate the man of steel's phenomenal powers however, this image seems rather to be emphasizing his phenomenal restraint in showing humility and respect for the soldiers who he knows are only doing their jobs and trying and following orders even though we all know he could barely shrug his shoulders and those handcuffs would be history.
On that note, I think this pic evokes a mental image of Jesus on the cross, capable of summoning a legion of angels to his rescue at any moment yet determined not to endure in order to fulfill a higher purpose. 
If nothing else, this one sheet definately raises a lot of questions. Why is Superman allowing himself to be arrested and to what end? I cannot wait until June 14th to find out.


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