Sunday, November 27, 2011

Empire Magazine Gets "Knighted"

Hi everybody! Check out the December edition of Empire Magazine. Looks like there will be a pretty heavy spotlight on The Dark Knight Rises if the duel covers featuring Batman and Bane is any indication. I read that this was supposed to hit stands on the 24th which I thought was pretty weird because of the holiday and all. Nevertheless I hot footed it to my local Books-A-Million after Thanksgiving dinner hungry for some Batmany "dessert" despite having fully maxed out on my levels of Turkey intake. For the next few minutes I scoured the racks with all the driven intensity of a Black Friday shopper on their third can of red bull but unfortunately all that turned up was the November issue. Rest assured I will probably be making near daily stops their until a magazine sporting each cover is nestled safely on my book shelf. 
I suppose it goes without saying that I am really digging what I am seeing with these covers and I have no idea what the deal is with that flashlight gun Batman is packing only that it tops my Christmas list if beaten out only slightly by Batman: Arkham City which I am still dying to play. I can't get over how physically menacing and flat out scary Bane looks in this picture. I am sure that the "Shredder" like mouth guard will have some practical application in the film but from a purely visual sense it evokes the idea of a rabid animal that has to be muzzled. I cannot wait for this movie. July 20th needs to get here tomorrow!


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