Saturday, July 23, 2011

TAS Teaser Trailer Reaction

Hey everyone! So it looks like after months of having nothing to go on but leaked set footage and grainy cell phone images we finally have an official trailer for next summer’s “The Amazing Spiderman.” Watching the trailer, I was a little disappointed that they are re-visiting the origin again after the Raimi and Maguire franchise did a such a memorable job at telling that story in the 2002 film but am more than willing to give it a chance considering the rich new layers of intrigue this movie appears to be adding to Peter’s history as it relates to his long absent parents and his eventual transformation into the wall-crawling hero.
At the end of the trailer following a breathtaking point of view sequence in which Spidey deftly hurdles over a series of New York skyscrapers like Tarzan through the jungle, we even here a voiceover from Andrew Garfield stating “There are two kinds of secrets, the ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us.” What does this mean I wonder? That the radioactive spider bite that granted him his arachnid abilities was not random? That some nefarious figure is orchestrating everything somewhere behind the scenes? Needless to say I am very exciting to see what fresh new angles will be added to the Spiderman mythos come July.
Speaking of Andrew Garfield, the guy looks to be a near perfect choice to portray the brainy misfit turned web-slinging superhero Peter Parker and unlike his diminutive predecessor, definitely looks more in line with the classic Stan Lee Steve Ditko renderings of Spiderman as a tall skinny dude.
I can’t wait to see more of this movie in the months to come. Hopefully this new film will succeed were the previous franchise went astray and bring some of the “Amazing” back into Spiderman.


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