Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smallville Finale

I can’t remember a more anticipated moment in the history of television (for nerds like me anyway) than that of Tom Welling finally donning the iconic Superman costume in the seaon finale of Smallville. After a succession of mouth watering teases showing the sapphire and it’s accompanying scarlett cape suspended in a glacier Its intended was at last deemed worthy to embrace his destiny and rock the red and blue’s! Was the pay off worth it? Well…maybe.
Last Friday’s episode concluded the Darkness storyline, (whatever it was called?? Bad memory) the villain of which, Darkside, acted very much as a corrupting force throughout the entirety of the season, infiltrating Clark’s adopted planet and having his infernal agents sow seeds of discord against the burgeoning superhero community.
Still unsure of himself and his place in the world, Clark’s must overcome Darkside’s influence by putting aside his lingering self-doubts, becoming the hero he was always meant to be and inspiring good in others.
Yes, as I mentioned earlier this does include his finally putting on the suit but frustratingly the makers of the show seemed to try and go out of there way to annoy the fans by never giving us a good shot of Welling in the costume. Instead we only seemed to get either images of him from a distance or images of him from the shoulder’s up. C’mon WB!
Another thing that really irked me about the finale was minimal, barley consequential Michael Rossenbaum’s Lex Luthor seemed to play in the grand conclusion of everything. Aside from Clark’s first donning of the suit the other momentous event fans were wringing their hands for was the return of Clark’s former best friend turned worst enemy Lex Luthor from the dead via the miracle of cloning. But when he finally show’s up all he really does is tell Clark that they have a destiny together and later loose his memories through some weird twist having to do with the cloning process. And here I was expecting some diabolical scheme that Clark would have to thwart on top of contending with Darkseid. Your loosing your edge Lex!
Despite my griping the finale was still pretty entertaining and does a pretty decent job of streamlining the tv storyline into the classic Superman mythos. Hands down the best scene had to be the very last after an emergency is announced o ver newroom intercom and Clark calmly walks out onto the roof of the Daily Planet, removes his glasses, and unbuttons his shirt to reveal the big yellow S underneath all the while the classic John Williams Superman score is pumping in the background. Yeah, I’d have to say that one scene pretty much made up for any of the shortcomings in the two hours that preceeded it.

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