Sunday, January 2, 2011

Green Arrow

So I just finished reading Green Arrow #7. Wow. What a dynamic new direction for the Emerald Archer. Gotta say, as much as I enjoyed the inclusion of his extended family (Speedy, Conner, Dinah etc.) in earlier runs it is quite refreshing to have everything stripped down and back to basics with Oliver Queen living off the grid and on the run as an outlaw rediscovering his purpose within the shadows of the mysterious forest that the white lantern light sprung into being in the wake of Star City's darkest hour. So far the run has been great and issue 7 is no exception. While not really progressing the story any from were we left off last time with Ollie's explosive confrontation with his new nemesis, The White Queen, this ish is nevertheless a profound chapter in the saga as Ollie is forced to face down some of the demons from his past and let go of some of the deep rooted negative emotions he has been holding on to since childhood. The art in this issue is spectacular, especially the artists attention to detail on the characters faces and emotions. And the scene near the end where Ollie is absolved of his guilt and self-hatred by the spirit of his dead mother reincarnated through the powers of the forest is just so poetic and beautiful. Can't wait to see what happens next. Green Arrow #7. Check it out. These have been your Words of Rossdom. 

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